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... he plays and sings in a contemplative style that makes the American standards sound like newfound treasure and a passport to paradise. (Wilfrid Sheed author of "The House That George Built")

Read the full review by Wilfrid Sheed on the latest CD "Chris Gillespie, Live at The Carlyle"


… magical, his compositions entrance the audience (Gerty Agoston, New York Staatszeitung)

 … hearing Chris is like watching Fred Astaire dance…
(Frank Kane)

... sophisticated Soul.... 
Seward Johnson

 Listening to Chris makes me gain 3 lbs. (Cliff Norton) (my favorite quote)

... "his" Take Five starts conventionally enough, but soon he is playing Bach, segueing smoothly back to jazz, and giving Mr.  Tate and Mr. Loftis breathtaking solos along the way.  When Loftis jumps back into “Take Five” after a long piano solo, it’s unexpected and sounds as if the angel Gabriel had decided to comment on the proceedings. (Mary Bringle on Take Five)


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